If you are a parent and you are contemplating the idea of making a move one of the likely things on the top of your list of questions pertains to the schools.  Where are they?  What are they like?  How are they rated?  I frequently have clients ask me questions about schools and thought I’d share with you the resource I send them to:  greatschools.net. 

Greatschools.net is a researching parent’s dream.  From public to charter to private schools, you can learn about everything from student and teacher statistics, spending per child, test scores (see Las Sendas Elementary 4th grade AIMS scores above), demographics, extra cirricular activities, parent & student reviews, and much more.  You can also compare schools or school districts.  

If you have something to say about a school your kids go to make sure to leave feedback for others there, too and then sign up to receive updates about your specific schools.  

Don’t miss Great School’s blog, too!

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