I found this great image to use here but it’s a little creepy and also copyrighted.  I’ll let you decide if you want to take a look here.  It’s not gory or anything just a little bizarre…

This is an update to the post I did last week with the encouraging news that HUD had decided to allow the First Time Buyers Tax Credit of $8000 to be used early in the form of a bridge loan and applied toward a down payment.  As could be considered normal for the government, they’ve changed their mind.  What appeared to be a good idea has been deemed not so much.  Insert image from above…which way are we headed?  Do we want to help buyers get into homes and stimulate the market…or not?  

As it stands now the letter that detailed the idea has been pulled from HUD’s website.  I’m sure we’re not done yet, so stay tuned.  As soon as I have more info. you’ll be the first to know!

This ain’t our first rodeo!

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