Today was Customer Appreciation Day at Joe’s Real BBQ in Gilbert which meant FREE FOOD!  And not just any food, Joe’s is the best BBQ EVER!   Some people complain and whine that the line is too long but I always think it’s a fun time hanging out and just being part of a greater community.  Though a little on the warm side today, the weather is usually beautiful for visiting and chatting with friends and family as we wait in the line for our free food.  Here’s Matt waiting in the lunch line:

This evening we went back for dinner too…because the girls wanted to go.  ;~)  Here’s a fun aerial view of the lines as we saw them:

The red marking is the longest we saw the line and the blue spots are where we waited from (the closer one being lunch).  This evening we waited just under an hour.  

I’ve been following @JoesRealBBQ on Twitter today and these are some of the stats that were released: 

  • 4500 lbs of meat
  • 500 dozen bakery fresh buns
  • 1800 quarts of homemade sides (the best beans in the world and yummy coleslaw)
  • 6184 free meals

Now that’s giving back!  Thank you, Joe.  We appreciate your appreciation of us and our patronage throughout the rest of the year.  And to your hard working staff:  YOU ROCK!!!

(I posted about their sister restaurant Joe’s Farm Grill in November…check it out, too!)

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